Before You Begin a Weight Loss System


We can get ahead of ourselves when we finally choose to make that commitment to follow a weight loss system to shed pounds and get healthy. We get motivated and feel very excited at first; but if we don't see dramatic results right away, we lose our motivation and not the weight.

How many times have you begun a weight loss system, diet or exercise program only to fall off, cheat or give up? The reasons for these failures are many and diverse, but mostly they stem from a lack of planning. There are a few things you must figure out before you begin. You can also look for Best Functional Medicine Doctor to better understand your health conditions.

Do the Math

Weigh yourself. Estimate your ideal weight by your height and frame size. Measure your BMI (Body Mass Index) and take your measurements. Now you know how many pounds you need to lose, and have a baseline for starting. A healthy weight loss system will have you lose 1-2 pounds weekly so that is now your goal. The amount of weight you need to lose distributed by 2 pounds weekly is how long it will take you to reach your goal (give or take a few weeks).

Identify your Weaknesses

Many weighty people have specific types of food that they crave and overeat in. It may be sweets, sodas, salty snacks like chips or fatty foods. When you set out to trail a weight loss system you will be dropping your caloric intake and altering the types of foods you eat. Recognizing your weak points will help to raise a red flag and keep you from cheating. 

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