Carlos Bernard in the List of LPGA s Kraft Nabisco Championship


Your favorite series 24 just got even more popular! Have I got your imaginations wandering wildly? I must have, I’m sure!

I’m sure all of you must be waiting expectantly to hear what your favorite stars are up to. Kiefer Sutherland, as I revealed earlier, is all set for his movie, which is to be based on the 24 TV Show. And as for the others, you can go back and catch 24 full episodes online to reminisce the good old times that you’d enjoyed seeing these skilled actors!

Well, bet you, Kiefer is working real hard on his upcoming movie. He is surely not going to let the movie-version of Jack Bauer appear less intriguing than the television one!

Hey, there’s news on somebody else too, by the way.

Remember the person who is third-in-command with the Counter Terrorist Unit? Yes, I’m talking of the guy whose subtle animosity with Jack Bauer has always acted as an entertaining lookup for viewers, Tony Almeida. So, apart from romancing Jack Bauer’s ex on 24, what is the actor up to in real life?

I’ll come to that, but you can watch all of the drama and thrill elapsed when you from here. Now download 24 episodes Carlos Bernard, the actor who plays Tony Almeida on your favorite show, is going to be a part of LPGA’s Kraft Nabisco Championship. The tournament will see many celebrities in addition to Carlos Bernard, and will be played from 31st March to 3rd April this year.

These celebrities will first have to participate in the pro-am rounds, which are slated to be held on 29th and 30th March at the Mission Hills Country Club. Then the main tournament will take place at the Dinah Shore Tournament Course. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Bernard to make it to the top! You can see his brilliant performance again when you watch 24 online free. Exciting, isn’t it? Obviously, it is!

There are many celebrities for whom this year’s event will be the first participation. Apart from our Bernard, the celebrities list will include people like Dave Annable, Scott Bakula, Cheech Marin, Richard Karn, etc. And as for seeing Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida, you know what to do- Catch 24 Season 8 online, what else!

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