Finding Leaks in Game through Database & HUD


If you play card games online, you should either be using Holdem Manager 2 or PT4 to track your play, save your hand histories and review your performance. That’s pretty much the bottom line – you are giving up an incredible amount of Expected Value (EV) if you are not doing so. It is though true that some top players do not use a database & HUD, but don’t be fooled, they are playing in smaller player pools where they know their opponents’ games so well that they do not even need a tracking software to reveal their opponents’ stats.

We all have the tracking tools at our disposal but only a few of us use them effectively. With that in mind, how do we ensure that we are getting most out of these programs, learning everything we possibly can about our own game? Well the answer is the same as it is with so many other things – with hard work, positive habits and consistent small steps of progress. If you play card games for money, then you should make consistent efforts in learning every possible strategy to increase the chances of winning the game. You can also hop on to various forum sites to learn about taking wise moves in different situations.

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