Full Moon Rising Party with Friends


The Moon looked amazing tonight and its beauty inspired me to write about it! If you are interested in what’s happening on the 2nd and how it affects you when it reaches its highest level then keep reading!

There are usually 12 full moons in a-12 month twelve months. This year we get an additional one on 31st December which can be called the blue moon by some because of its rarity. Orange not due to colour but defined by either having 2 in a single month or two in the same sign of the astrology! This one it is and reaches its fullness in the indicator of Gemini opposite the Sun which is now in Sagittarius.

The entire Moon is a time of expression and certain studies around the new and Full-Moon demonstrate the next phenomena.  Book Thailand full moon party via visiting this link.

The disturbing impact the total Moon has on our bodies due to its gravitational pull can also cause us to be irrational and sensitive. Getting in touch with your intuition and building room for contemplation, expression are recommended to prevent kneejerk reactions that could occur because of the need to make changes.

Occasionally staying grounded by activities like physical exercise and body awareness activities are required if you’re vulnerable to prevent overload to the vulnerable psyche. While the newest Moon is making new options and better for activity the total Moon could be a moment of consciousness understanding as well as the must connect with self and others on new terms.