Halal MREs Make Survival Shopping Easier


For many years, survival and outdoor enthusiasts have loved to stockpile MREs, treating them as a way to get affordable, minimal preparation, easy to store and eat food. MREs last for many years in storage, and they are tasty warmed up, and suitable for eating cold as well. Halal MREs offer people who have special diet requirements the option of enjoying these convenient food options.

Halal MREs are now offered as an option in the military in some parts of the world, and they are also used by civilian branches that put the emphasis on preparedness and disaster relief. Indeed, Halal isn't the only alternative option; there are now kosher meals, and vegetarian meals, offered by some vendors, such as the one from XMRE

MREs can be expensive if you purchase the 'day packs' that contain a full menu of food, but these include tea/coffee or juice, snack bars, cookies and other moderately perishable extras. There's not really much need to buy these if you think about it, because they are not really what you want out of an MRE pack as a prepper. An outdoor enthusiast might want a meal pack per day – or could even share a couple of meal packs between a family. Meal packs are intended for military use, and they assume that the person needs to eat a lot of calories – far more than the average person would!  If you're just shopping for a casual camping trip, then you don't need thousands of calories!

MREs are a brilliant invention. You can bulk buy and stockpile them for when you need them. You know it makes sense both from a convenience and an economics point of view, and they're surprisingly healthful too if you think about it – rich in protein and containing all the macronutrients you need to stay healthy.

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