How to choose a good fireproof safe?


If you want to store your important documents, guns, ammo or other valuables in a safe, you will naturally want to have the most secure safe. Given that fires are a frequent cause of destruction of important documents and valuables, having a safe that is able to fend off a potential fire hazard is a good choice.

Fireproof safes are fairly common in the safe market and are typically preferred when it comes to the storage of cash, documents and guns and ammo. The problem, however, is to choose the best fireproof safe. Given the sheer variety of fireproof safes, it can be a little hard to determine the right fit for you. Here are some basic things you should consider when making your choice.

Although the term ‘fireproof’ implies that a safe will not be damaged by fire, that’s not true. All ‘fireproof’ safes on the market are more accurately fire-resistant cases. This means that these safes can resist the things stored inside from fire for a limited amount of time. This time is typically between 1 and 2.5 hours. Consequently, each fireproof safe comes with a rating which defines the amount of time for which they can resist fire. So if a safe has a fire rating of 1 hour, it can easily protect its contents for 1 hour but after 1 hour, the contents in the safe will be damaged.

So when purchasing a fireproof safe, the most important consideration is fire rating. If you want maximum fire protection, you should choose a safe that carries the maximum fire rating.

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