Sumilon Island Day Tour


Cebu’s province other than its historic place and rich culture, it is also known for its vast and wonderful land and water resources. Time after time, there has always been an increase in foreign and non-local tourists thus somehow branding Cebu as one of the international travel hub in the Philippines. Cebu is very well-known to have the best white sandy shores and beaches in the Philippines and the Island of Sumilon (which is located in the south part of Cebu) is one of the top beaches to visit and preferable to stay. The twenty-four hectare area of the island provided all of the tourists’ needs as they enjoy their stay in the island.

Because of the increase of tourist visit and even random travelers, Sumilon day tour packages are provided and made available for them. The perfect itinerary for the day is laid out as they are not going to be experiencing the inconvenience of looking for a place to stay, eat, their activities for the day and transportation. As a traveler, convenience and safety is the most priority of the whole experience. The island of Sumilon has so much to offer that sometimes a day’s stay is not enough. Locals from the island even agrees with them that one day is not even sufficient to stay.

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