The Trouble with Turnaround Times (TAT) in the Digital Transcription Business


There is no doubt that turnaround time (TAT) is the king of metrics when it comes to digital transcription, and rightly so. Slower TAT causes delays in patient care, so they are very important.  However, the resources it takes to achieve those TAT are frequently overlooked and in many cases the costs are exorbitant.  In the digital transcription business, we frequently see productivity measured only by turnaround times without regard to the real underlying costs of the resources it takes to generate and deliver reports.  The consequence of measuring productivity only by TAT is that there is no true indicator of the amount of time and resources that are being squandered unproductively.  Recognizing and measuring the efforts required to attain acceptable TAT often reveals substantial cost in money, time and invaluable and limited resources.

What really impacts TAT?

The speed and accuracy of the digital transcription is of primary importance to TAT, but in order to get a grip on real costs, one must review and measure all the steps taken to produce and deliver a document.  There are many things you might want to evaluate and measure to get a better understanding of your digital transcription costs, and where costly inefficiencies might be hiding.

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