What Are Vehicle Telematics and Vehicle Tracking?


Motor vehicle Tracking Systems in many cases are designed to transmit location and input data at a set update rate or when an event activates the unit to send data. Entry level "Live (or real-time) Vehicle Tracking" generally identifies systems which are configured only to revise at regular timed time periods; 1 minute, 2 small or 5 minute and many others. These short update periods are being used while the déflagration status is on and as soon as the vehicle is left, ignition off, the device will often go to a hibernation or life mode, transmitting updates occasionally or after wake up by another ignition on or the input from a motion sensor fastened to the device.

A large number of Telematics Service Providers, facing increased competition and slipping prices, want to show that Telematics often means more than just vehicle monitoring. The advent of mixed two-way messaging and satellite navigation products are such an example of the product development. Fleet operators can make to do more than simply find a vehicle or group of vehicles. You can also look for the types and prices of gps tracking for cars and buy from the best sources. 

When used in a commercial environment vehicle telematics can become a powerful and valuable tool to increase the efficiency associated with an organization. The fleet activity can be analyzed and decisions considered based on actual information, not guesswork. Key Efficiency Indicators including, journey times, fuel economy and motorists hours, can be superior.

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